Expunction in Fort Worth

Pursue Non-Disclosure For Your Record

TextThanks to the technology of readily available background checks, virtually anyone can access your criminal record. Employers, potential landlords, and banks who are considering giving you a loan may be disinterested in working with you if they learn you have a record. Non-disclosure or expunction with the help of a Fort Worth criminal defense lawyer may be the answer to help you have a fresh start.

You may be eligible for expunction if:

  • The prosecutor filed a dismissal with the judge after you completed a diversion program or your case was reduced to a Class C
  • You were found not guilty during trial
  • The prosecutor recommends expunction

You may be eligible for an order of non-disclosure if:

  • The judge dismissed your case after you completed a deferred probation on a certain misdemeanor or felony offense.
  • The prosecutor recommends non-disclosure

Note: Expunction or non-disclosure is not allowed on particular charges (ex. sex crimes, family violence). Thye are not allowed if you have been convicted of the crime. The Statue of Limitations usually must conclude prior to filing for the expunction or non-disclosure. Being subsequently arrested may disqualify a candidate.

Lisa is the Fort Worth expunction lawyer at the Law Office of Lisa Haines, P.C. She can meet with you to review your case and determine if you are eligible. Lisa can explain how the process works and what to expect. To schedule a case consultation, call Lisa Haines now at (817) 877-5472.

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