Diversion Programs in Tarrant County

Working to Avoid the Consequences of a Conviction

While it is important to understand the severity of the offense you are being charged with, it is equally important that you know there are diversion programs out there for qualifying individuals. The purpose of a diversion program is to allow a remorseful individual to seek rehabilitation rather than putting them in jail or prison. At the Law Office of Lisa Haines, P.C., Ms. Haines pursues diversion programs for clients who qualify, such as first-time offenders or those who need drug rehabilitation. Many of the diversion programs qualify for expunction (erasing) of the arrest/change immediately upon successful completion of the program. But expunction must be actively sought by filing a petition after the case is closed.

The diversion programs she works with include:

  • Deferred Prosecution Program: Only open to first-time offenders 17-25 years old (no juvenile arrests), it requires a length application process, including character letters and drug testing. If accepted and successfully completed, your case could be expunged (erased) from all government agency records immediately upon completion.
  • Family Violence Diversion Program: Partner on Partner assault with no other pending charges or history of protective order violations. It requires the consent of the alleged victim. A comprehensive screening and assessment initiates the process. For those accepted, you must commit to changing your behavior. Classes and guidance help you make the changes so that you will not face a 3rd degree felony charge in the future. (A second arrest for ABI-FM is filed as a 3rd degree felony in Texas.) If successful, you would qualify to have your arrest/charge immediately expunged.
  • First Offender Drug Program: If you are a first-time drug offender with no criminal history, you may be able to get this arrest erased from your record upon successful completion of the program . Drug charges include: possession of marijuana, Xanax, meth, or Rx forgery. Intended for offenders who have the potential to correct their behavior and be an asset to society, this program is only accessible to qualifying individuals in special circumstances.
  • Mental Health Diversion Court Program: Individuals who have been diagnosed with a mental condition prior to being convicted of a criminal offense may qualify for this program. This program is intended for non-violent misdemeanor and felony offenses and allows the mentally impaired individual to seek help for their mental health issues rather than be thrown in jail.
  • Veterans Court Diversion Program: Current or veteran members of the USAF, Reserves, National Guard, or State Guard with a diagnosis of certain mental health conditions may be able qualify for this diversion program. This program is intended to divert individuals out of the justice process and offer an alternative that may offer rehabilitation rather than legal consequences.
  • FAIP Program: Repeat DWI offenders can apply for this intense program. Probationers are strictly supervised as they seek to end their addiction to alcohol. The term of probation is shortened drastically, but FAIP requires treatment and counseling as well as weekly compliance hearings while maintaining a job.
  • DIRECT Program: The Drug Impact Rehabilitation Enhanced Comprehensive Treatment (DIRECT) program is intended for individuals who suffer from a drug addiction problem which has led to a previous conviction. Slightly different than diversion programs, this program is a special type of post-plea felony probation. Those who have already been to prison are given a chance at probation. This program requires participation in group meetings, rehab, frequent drug testing, and other mandatory rules. It is life-changing for those who really want to end their addiction.

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